NYTimes Features Upstream Litigation and Consults with Charles Irvine & Co-Counsel

Today, the New York Times published a compelling article illustrating the nature and scope of the flooding risk for upstream property owners, due to the government’s Addicks and Barker dams. We encourage you to view the article online. The article allows readers to view the graphics, and shows (among other illustrations) how the dams work, and the maximum design pool of the reservoirs. Notably, the New York Times shows that the maximum design pool extends far beyond the flooded area in Harvey.

The New York Times consulted upstream co-lead counsel, Daniel Charest and Charles Irvine, for factual confirmation, and it quoted both Charles and Christina Micu, one of our test property owners and class representatives in Canyon Gate.

Like prior articles from the Houston Chronicle, the New York Times reports on the Corps’ knowledge that flooding would happen to the upstream property owners in the event of a severe storm—and also the Corps’ prediction that they would be sued by flooded homeowners. The story is strong stuff.