Challenging Permits in Administrative Courts

Irvine & Conner attorneys have represented individual or community protestants in their challenges to the following types of permits: wastewater, water rights, air, waste, and groundwater permits. Irvine & Conner has extensive experience litigating in these so-called “contested cases” before state and federal administrative judges.

Our attorneys recently completed a successful representation for a ranching family who challenged the TCEQ wastewater permit for a large neighboring residential development. The case proceeded through administrative channels before ending up in state court. After an oral hearing, the district court ruled in our clients’ favor, prompting a favorable settlement to our client.

In addition to this recent success, Irvine & Conner attorneys also have represented citizen groups and environmental organizations in:

  • Obtaining a temporary injunction against the Governor of Texas and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to prevent fast-tracking of air permits for new coal power plants. As a result, the power plants were never constructed.
  • Challenging the siting of nuclear power plant for safety and environmental concerns before the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Atomic Safety and Licensing Board.
  • Fighting to require the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to consider CO2 in air permit matters.
  • Negotiating the settlement of an air permit challenge to a petcoke power plant.
  • Negotiating settlements in other waste, air, water rights, and wastewater contested case proceedings.